Something New With Each Product Launch

Every company has a culture and a mission.  Our business philosophy is simple.

  • Take care of our customers.  Give them the best service and warranties.
  • Launch ONLY new products which have been improved in a meaningful way.

early,adopters,join,innovators,deals,gifts,products,improved,grandma,pepperWe believe the best way to do this is to listen to our customers and to our competitors customers too.  For instance, our first product was called the “Child & Baby Car Seat Protector 1”.  That’s straightforward enough, but how did we improve it it?

We listened in this case to our soon to be competitors’ customers.  They said they didn’t like the mat slipping down in the back.  They also wanted a quality product which didn’t discolor or ruin their cars’ leather seats and upholstery.

The Grandma Pepper Child & Baby Car Seat Protector was born.

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Is it the cheapest Car Seat Protector on the market?  No, it is not, but it is affordable and it has a lifetime warranty or your money back as long as the product is registered with us.  What this means is that every child that follows can use this protector, and every grandchild too.  Cheap can’t compete with that kind of bargain.

My mother and grandmother always told me . . . “Quality before quantity.”

If you’d like to be on the inside of what is going on, click on the button below to apply to become one of our early adopters as new products come out about every 60 days.grandma,pepper,ideas,innovator,early,adopter,program,deals,gifts,feedback,reviews

As products are launched each cycle, approximately 50 of our “early adopters’ will be chosen to have early access to the latest product at a massively reduced price, usually 50% or better.  We do this, of course, so it is worth your while to be first in line to try our latest production.

You will be notified in advance of all product launches coming up and your feedback is important.  We want to know what you think of our latest improvements, and we certainly want any suggestions or ideas you have for making any product you’d like to see made better.

Just think of ideas for products which are  Popular and in the Home & Garden categories of 

Even if you don’t need the new product yourself, you’ll have a chance to get it at a steal of a deal, and it just might make someone you love happy on some special occasion.

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