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Judy,Culpepper,Tom,Flowers,Partners,LinkBlaze,Marketing,Grandma Pepper,brand,Amazon.com,Prime,Professional SellersThe partners at LinkBlaze Marketing LLC, having a keen eye and love for home, family, and all this represents, realized the time had come for more quality products and customer service.  Tom Flowers and Judy Culpepper are siblings and were talking about their childhood which included working in their mother’s store.

Memories of happy customers, products their mother found all over the country to sell in her store, coupled with their lifelong careers in business. . .  and, before anyone knew it, a new division of LinkBlaze Marketing was born.  After much reflection and analysis, the best service in the world is often found online at world famous Amazon.com.

Excellent service was a must and no one can beat the service given to Amazon Prime customers.  Tom and Judy, both Prime members, knew from personal experience just how amazingly good the Amazon service to customers really is.  To expand their existing Amazon Professional Sellers account was the decision which was, as the saying goes, “a no brainer”.

They choose to market products which are popular, and whenever possible, they love to improve upon similar existing products and make them even better.  New products are now being scheduled to come on line about every other month.

A Few More Words About The Partners. . . . Judy Culpepper comes with a multifaceted and solid business background including a respected public service record. For over thirty years, her life has been spent in some form of marketing or another, with the last eight being in Online Marketing. Tom Flowers has a deep and complete command of all things retail. Owner and operator of 5 retail stores, his understanding of customer service and merchandise marketing are unparalleled.

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