The Story of Grandma Pepper™, Really 🙂


Grandma Pepper for Home & GardenOnce upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up loving and working in her mother’s store for children called the PlayHouse. The customers were treated like Queen’s and Kings and came from other towns to shop.

Then one day, the mom became ill and the store was sold, but the little girl still dreamed of the day she would have another special store for Girls & Boys.  The little girl is now a grandmother who never lost her love for the business of serving the best to little tykes and their Moms and Grandmoms.



Welcome to Grandma Pepper™ for Home & Garden

  • The place where what you want, is what we want to carry in our store.  A place where customer service and quality products at competitive prices mean everything.
  • The place where the products you buy and register all have a lifetime warranty* or your money back guarantee.
  • The place where you can have input on how to improve our products and get the benefits of joining our “early adopters” program.

* The lifetime warranty is on all products which are registered online.  Visit and register your product(s) today!